Picture a champagne bar that sold not caviar, but hot dogs. This is the stuff of dreams, right? What you are imagining is probably not even close to how spectacular London’s Bubbledogs is in actuality, according to a recent profile in the New York Times. Bubbledogs co-owners Sandia Chang and James Knappett, who met while working at Noma in Copenhagen, offer grower champagnes at their 35-seat hot dog joint. These are champagnes from smaller houses that grow their own grapes, making them terroir-driven and much more interesting than a bottle of Ace.

The other part of the Bubbledog’s equation is the gourmet dogs, which come in pork, beef, and veggie varieties. You can have your dog topped with combinations like kimchi and fermented red bean paste (the K-Dawg), or mint, mango chutney, and coriander (the Trishna Dog). What’s more, in a town where thick-cut British “chips” reign supreme, Bubbledogs offers crispy, golden-brown American-style tater tots as a side.

This type of highbrow-lowbrow posturing can easily devolve into gimmickry, but it seems to actually make sense here. Crisp, clean, effervescent champagne is an ideal compliment to greasy, fatty foods. And the simplicity of the food you’re eating lets you concentrate on the excellence of your drink. “You don’t need excessively fancy food to bring out the best of a good wine,” Chang tells the Times. “In fact, sometimes I believe the simpler and less affected, the better.”

With the London burger revolution already under way, perhaps hot dogs are the next American import to blow.

[via The New York Times]