Cinematic trailers and short films seem to be de rigeur for just about everything in the food world today, from cookbooks, to tasting menus, to new restaurant openings. While some rely on the tried-and-true high-def food porn approach, others are getting a lot more conceptual, breaking chefs out of their whites and casting them in all sorts of weird roles—including that of a criminal.

This subtitled video from Mugaritz—one of Spain’s critically beloved destination restaurants—was produced by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team to protest the prohibition of herbs and flowers in cooking. Originally created for the Gastronomika festival in 2010, it imagines the cooks as a band of renegades getting in their last foraging mission before the authorities capture them. (Check out more Mugaritz videos here.)



This criminal theme was taken up again recently by Grant Achatz’s Next, though Nick Kokonas says they hadn’t seen the Mugaritz video beforehand. In a trailer for the restaurant’s new vegan menu, Achatz and the team raid various Chicago restaurants for vegetables before getting arrested. There are also a bunch of dudes dressed as fruits and vegetables beating up a guy in a bunny suit:



Since avant-garde kitchens around the world share plenty of culinary inspiration, it’s perhaps not surprising that they’d cook up similar audio-visual ideas as well.

[via Fine Dining Lovers / Eater]