Once you’ve knocked NYC’s 10 best tacos off your bucket list, that doesn’t mean the hunt for great Mexican food in this town is over. As we’ve discussed in the past, New York may not compete with Los Angeles when it comes to the diversity of its Mexican population, since 75% of the folks here come from southern Mexican states such as Puebla, Guerrero, and Oaxaca. Yet there’s still a wealth of regional oddities and authentic specialities that go well beyond the normal taqueria offerings.

If you’re a committed chowhound, you may have sunk your teeth into a huarache topped with fried grasshoppers, or slurped a steaming bowl of goat soup. But have you ever taken a shot of pechuga infused with the essence of poultry, or eaten a fried huazontle plant?

Time to let the grubbing adventures begin—here are 10 obscure Mexican dishes that you can get in NYC, plus the best places to try them.