With the close of the NCAA tournament, the season of bracketology has come to an end. There will be no more crying over money lost and the disappointing chokes that ruined your picks until the return of March in 2014. But before we let this moment pass once and for all, we thought we would look back at all the food-related brackets that were painstakingly crafted on the Internet for literally no reason at all.

Monumental victories like Arby’s over Chick-Fil-A, and Tony the Tiger over Toucan Sam, should not go unheralded. Some of these contests—like a quest to crown the best type of meat—represent food-writing trolling at its most insipid. Others are more creative and well-wrought, like Vice’s at-times hilarious fast-food bracket, and Paste‘s comprehensive tasting of American IPAs.

Here, we present to you nine food-and-drink brackets and their winners—find out if your favorite discontinued snack made it to the Final Four, and what type of martini is the best type of martini according to some folks on the ‘net.