From Jay and Bey to Yeezy and Kim, we’ve explored the dining habits of hip-hop royalty here on First We Feast. But what about the ladies on the come up in the rap game, “trying to make their way in a world of backstabbing and jealousy… broken promises and shattered dreams.”

That’s the world of Love & Hip Hop, the VH1 show starring personalities like Jen the Pen, a hip-hop gossip reporter, and Tahiry, a model whose love affair with Joe Budden played out very publicly on the Internet. The show features a lot of dramatic showdowns in bars and eateries around New York, so VH1 just dropped the Complete Restaurant Guide to Love And Hip Hop Season 3, along with a helpful Foursquare map, to show you where to find them all.

Some of these spots, like the Ember Room—too shitty to even keep His Mookness Todd English on board—are places we’d avoid at all costs. But there are a few winners in the mix:

  • Culture: An American Yogurt Company. No joke, this Park Slope fro-yo joint is incredible—good call by the ladies. The yogurt is made from a proprietary yogurt culture using antibiotic- and hormone-free local milk, and the Key Lime Pie sundae, with lime custard and crumbled graham crackers, is one of the best frozen treats around.
  • Mas (la grillade). Though the dining room is a bit stuffy and the menu overpriced, there’s no denying that the kitchen staff know its way around a wood-burning oven. The proteins that come out of the fire—New York strip, roasted chicken, and even oysters—are beautifully cooked and licked with a nice hint of smoke.
  • Juices for Life. Forget corny new-wave juice clean spots: Styles P’s smoothie bar in the Bronx is where it’s at.

[via VH1]