Though the list for the musical lineup at Coachella 2013 has been out for a minute now, the team behind the California festival recently released a rundown of all the grub available for festival goers. Divided into two categories, there is is food located both inside the venue and outside in the campgrounds. For the first time, the Terrace (the centrally located food and beverage area) will house a beer garden. Though a list of brews hasn’t been posted yet, our fingers are crossed that there will be some Sierra Nevada and Area 51 brews for tipping back while listening to the likes of Diiv, Jessie Ware, and Earl Sweatshirt. Among the full bars decked out with cocktails and skilled ‘tenders, there is also the chance to sample California staples like Pink’s Hot Dogs, creations from the Kogi truck, and even shop for produce at the Certified Farmers Market offering local, pesticide-free and organic products.

Infinite Legroom put together a gallery linking up some of the musical acts with food that fits their vibe. You can check out a few of the images above, and click through the complete gallery on their site.

Here’s a list of some of the food being served at the fest which runs two weekends in April, 12–14, and 19-2. You can get all the info here.

The Terrace:
Ruth Chris Steak House
Las Casuelas Quinta
Pink’s Chili Dogs.
Jamaican Vegetarian,
Wood Fired Pizza
Just Tossed Organic Salads
Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches
Vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free options are also available.

The Cantina Restaurant:
Provided by Roc’s Firehouse, this lesser-know gem is located in the lobby and offers a full menu, full bar, and air conditioning.

Food Trucks:
(located in both VIP areas adjacent to the Ferris Wheel and in camping)
Border Grill
Green Truck
The Lime Truck

Main Food Row:
Drip! Mobile Espresso,
Juice from Juicebox Food Truck
Epic Burritos
pizza from Spicy Pi

Camping Cafe:
for Johnny cakes, eggs Benedict, and “hangover” hash

[Via Infinite Legroom]