Put sandwiches and football together a little too literally and what you get is Subway’s terrifying, life-size sandwich sculpture of NFL draft prospect and former Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, complete with a chicken-salad face, raisin cornrows, and footlong shoulder pads with lettuce and tomatoes poking out.

Turns out, this monstrosity is something of an NFL draft week tradition for the sandwich chain, which has terrified the culinary and sporting worlds in the past with oversize sandwich statues of Ndamukong Suh (made with Pepperoni), Mark Ingram (bread, raisins, chicken salad), and Robert Griffin III (Smokehouse BBQ chicken). Two words come to mind: Sandwich zombies.

But while sandwiches and athletes seem to make odd bedfellows, put sandwiches and the top contender for ‘World’s best dad’ together and you get one of the cutest lunch-art projects outside of Japan. Graphic designer David LaFerriere has been drawing Sharpie illustrations on his children’s Ziploc sandwich bags as a way to add some excitement to plain ol’ homemade sandwiches. Luckily for us, he’s got them all recorded—more than 1,100—over at Flickr.

Clearly, when it comes to a sandwich, bigger isn’t always better, and the small gesture counts. Someone tell Subway!

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