Streetwear brands are no strangers to provocation—indeed, for the hypebeast generation, lookbooks are pretty much the new Skinemax. But to herald its S/S offerings, Australian retailer FreshCotton has gone for the stoner crowd instead of the teenage masturbator, teaming up with Stussy and chef Misha Sukyas to create a weed cookbook called Baked.

Whether putting pot in a batch of brownies is still edgy in the age of the marijuana legalization is debatable. But getting stoned is probably the only way to make this new food-and-fashion trend remotely palatable, so we’ll take it.

You can download the book on the website—it’s “free with a tweet,” which I guess is the modern equivalent of the old “no such thing as a free lunch” adage. If you’re not ready for that level of commitment, just watch the three video tutorials (actually pretty well done) instead. Just make sure you don’t smoke before cooking, because these haute-stoner recipes are no jokes—making the “Morning Glory ravioli with coquilles, Marijuana and Damiana” involves pro moves like searing scallops in duck fat (prepare to burn the shit out of your forearms), steaming ravioli, and deveining langoustines.


[via HuffPo]