Repping your favorite restaurant with everything from slogans emblazoned across t-shirts to commemorative coozies is hardly a new concept—at this point it is as commonplace as sharing your team allegiances, the rappers you love, or your alma mater. While choosing to wear a branded tee just because the Cheescake Factory is, in fact, the jam is all well and good, there are also plenty of companies (see Homage, Stussy, and Bang Tidy) giving food-fueled apparel fresh appeal. Let’s be honest, broadcasting your love of chicken and waffles across your chest could mark you as a try-hard, but probably not if you are rocking a vintage Roscoe’s tee.

From camouflage Waffle House numbers to Eddie Huang’s “Infamous BaoHaus” collabo with Stussy, we cover all bases of food t-shirt design. From old school hold-outs to new classics, these are the 25 best food t-shirts.