We’ve tackled a few classic culinary debates here on FWF: L.A. versus New York Mexican food, the best pizza in Connecticut, and the pros and cons (okay, mostly cons) of brunch.

However, yesterday’s post detailing the best places to eat right now in East London triggered some unexpected cross-city chest-thumping from one reader, Simone Smyth, who hit us with her own West London top 10 list in response. It is, perhaps, the greatest reader response of all time. Simone, take it away…

To quote the indiscriminate wave of Max B, “We pop them big thangs, too.” Gone are the days of West London being seen as the stomping ground of the Sloane Ranger and accommodating the Christian Lacroix-laden Ab Fab crowd. Being a West Londoner born and bred, I fly the flag for for my “W-directional-capital-of-the-city-compass.” Not one to wage a Tupac versus Biggie-style east-side, west-side war based on culinary tastes, I do feel impelled to make the case that West London houses some incredible eateries for both old and new money alike.

With small boutiques, leafy trees, and vast parks providing the backdrop to most of the West London restaurants mentioned in my top 10 list, you’ll not be subjected to the usual grey concrete jungle that is affiliated with one of the world’s rainiest capitals. Instead, you’ll find charming rooms offering everything from traditional cheeseboards served with port, to pan-seared calf’s brains.

Written by Simone Smyth (@The_S_S)