April Fools’ Days is equal parts awesome and obnoxious. While pranks and jokes are all good fun—especially around the office—they can also be stupid and poorly executed. But leave it to the creative crew over at Food52, to pull it off in a full-blown website makeover. One of our favorite food sites is kickin’ it old school for the day, taking it back to 1852. That means tweets like “We started churning our own butter,” a place to sign up for telegram blasts, and an awesome video where founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs attempt to milk a cow and rustle up some live chickens for dinner where Merrill takes at least two spills.

The whole site is decked out in sepia tones and is displaying links like Dry-Aged, Sous-Vide, Bone-in Chipmunk Steak, “Who You Calling a Hoecake,” and “I just shot a possum, how long should I let it hang?”

Check out the site for yourself and have a laugh. Happy April Fools’ Day ladies.

[via Food52]