Film critic Elvis Mitchell penned an essay focusing on Quentin Tarantino’s use of food within his films for the fourth issue of Lucky Peach. In a broadcast via KCRW, Mitchell gives the director The Treatment, speaking with him about his arsenal of movies from Jackie Brown to Reservoir Dogs to the Kill Bill series and beyond. Daniel Goodbaum—who goes by the moniker dadaDan—took the piece from Lucky Peach one step further, layering clips from various Tarantino films over the audio interview with the director. As Mitchell speaks with Tarantino, clips stream by like one showing Leonardo Dicaprio’s character Calvin Candie’s (Django Unchained) affinity for sweets, another is of a lavish dining scene in Inglorious Bastards, as well as Samuel L. Jackson and the Big Kahuna burger in Pulp Fiction.

When Mitchell interjects that he feels food is a means of revealing power used by the director, Tarantino responds that it is more about getting to know someone. Restaurants are a way for the director to showcase his characters personalities and see if they are “getting along.”

Anything to do with a Tarantino film, its use of food, and an explicative on deeper meanings is bound to be mind-blowing. It only makes sense that a man known for his use of lengthy dialogue and conversation between characters would be a fan of the restaurant scene—is there anywhere better to truly uncover the inner-workings of another person?

Watch Goodbaum’s video and hear Mitchell’s interview above.

[Via Slate]