Oh. My. Word.

As if a constant barrage of ridicule from every two-bit comedian in NYC weren’t enough, Nadia G—the Canadian TV chef behind Food Network’s absurdist Bitchin’ Kitchen—has decided to unleash her camp brand of ether on the brunching hordes of Brooklyn.

In a new video titled “Brooklyn Hipster Brunch,” she does Weird Al one better, dancing like an utter loon and dropping lines like, “Don’t you eat that vegan ham / Photoshop it, crop it, drop it on Instagram.” The most uncomfortable part—though it’s almost impossible to choose just one—is when she uses jabs about Costa Rican Fair Trade coffee as an excuse to break out her best Pitbull voice. All this coming from someone who literally has the word Hungry tattooed on her forearm!

Yes, BHB is probably the trolliest music video since Rebecca Black’s “Thanksgiving.” But let’s look on the bright side—maybe this is the moment when corny jokes about Brooklyn finally jump the shark. Post-hipster America may finally be upon us! All praise Nadia G, troll nonpareil.

[via Eater]