Renaissance man Michael Harlan Turkell—photographer, cook, raconteur—was kind enough to invite First We Feast onto his Heritage Radio Program, the Food Scene, for a chat recently. Brothers and FWF editors Chris and Nick Schonberger checked into the studio at Roberta’s in Bushwick to politic about…well, let’s pass the mic to Turkell, who’s much better at talking than we are. Here’s his synopsis of the show:

On today’s THE FOOD SEEN, brothers Chris and Nick Schonberger share a passion for nachos. For real, if not for their familiar nacho bond, they’re barely brothers. Luckily, their job begets nacho hunting. As editors of First We Feast, a website where food is delivered through pop culture, they aim to bring long lasting relevance to the fads we eat. Interviewing game-changing chefs on the “10 Dishes that Made Their Career”, to curating insider guides on what to eat where and when, this ain’t your ordinary listacle, it’s put to the test. There’s only rule is, “NO SOGGY CHIPS“!

If you need a break from NPR, listen here!

[via Heritage Radio]