The great American can revolution continues. Craft can pioneer Oskar Blues Brewery spices up beach days this summer with the new Canundrum mixed pack. It features three favorites—Dale’s Pale Ale, Old Chub, and Yella Pils—and will ship across the nation beginning in May.

Not to be outdone, Sly Fox is gearing up to launch a can with a top that peels all the way off (“don’t say the can’s topless, say the titties is out“). The technology, developed by Crown Holdings, transforms an average can into a traditional drinking vessel, eliminating the need for a glass and allowing drinkers to enjoy the aromas of the brew. Sly Fox is debuting the 360-degree lid with its new Helles Golden Lager, and head brewer Brian O’Reilly told The Drinks Business, “Craft brew enthusiasts want to enjoy their beer as it was meant to be experienced whether at home or at an event and the 360 Lid makes the beverage can the perfect vessel to do just that.”

Craft breweries are not alone in developing new can prototypes. Needless to say, the macros—always game for a new drinking vessel to drum up excitement—are getting into the game too. Budweiser has announced the release of a proprietary can mirroring the brand’s iconic logo. The bowtie-shaped can, which has been in development since 2010, hits shelves on May 6 and will come in collections of eight. The new can won’t replace the traditional one, but it will complement efforts to innovate and attract a new generation of drinkers. The St. Louis brewer will also launch a 25-ounce can (one ounce extra from a tallboy!) this summer.

And, of course, Adrian Grenier for Entourage is still doing his damndest to bring back the churckey-style can, but we wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

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