Regardless of your feelings about the McDonaldization of the world, there’s something fascinating about the confluence of food and marketing in the fast-food industry. We’ve talked before with Tom Ryan before about the invention of stuffed-crust pizza and McGriddles. And today, HuffPo brings a story about the bizarre Spanglish that Taco Bell has spawned to push products like Doritos Locos Tacos and the CrunchWrap Supreme. The ultimate goal of its sometimes-zany branding is to find “names that are palatable to the majority of Americans while also giving them a flavor of the exotic.”

Apparently, some of the almost-made-it names for the CrunchWrap—a five-sided tostada inside a quesadilla—were “Mexagon,” “Origami Tostada,” “Crunchwich,” and “Crunchilada.”

“Consumers were really responding to Crunchwich,” says Stephanie Perdue, Taco Bell’s marketing director. “But they told us, ‘You’re not about sandwiches. You’re Mexican!’ So we changed the ‘wich’ to ‘wrap.'”

Not going to lie—we think they should have gone with Origami Tostada just for the sheer insanity of it.

[via HuffPo]