Tomorrow is the twentieth day of the fourth month of the year, a.k.a 4/20, a.k.a a “holiday” where the green stuff is celebrated. If you’re less about kush and more about cocktails, we’ve got you covered. Pour yourself a glass of one these fine spring wines, or grab a couple must-try IPAs, as you catch up on the week’s best booze stories.

1) Get wasted at Chipotle. The burrito chain has always had Margaritas on the menu. But they’ve decided to step up their ‘rita by nixing the margarita mix in favor of fresh juice and wait for it… Patrón. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

2) Grown-up Slushies. This trend goes beyond high-school antics of dumping cheap vodka into a Slurpee, thanks to muddled strawberries and white rum. [Bon Appetit]

3) Hip Hop has made Moscato cool. Seriously. It’s almost like Cristal, just slightly less popular and much, much cheaper. Everyone from Drake to Lil’ Kim has rapped about the sweet and slightly effervescent wine. [Grubstreet]

4) On late, late-night drinking. Sometimes it gets weird. By sometimes, we mean all the time. That’s what makes it so great. [New York Times 

5) Excuse me sir, there’s elephant poop in my beer. No, but really. A company in Thailand has created an extremely expensive beer made from coffee beans defecated by elephants. [Foodbeast]