There are two things you can be certain to find in any urban setting: A unique food scene and graffiti. So it’s no surprise that a city’s food culture often inspire street and graffiti artists. Take Buff Monster as an example—part of his schtick is that he loves ice cream. Other famous names don’t balk at celebrating American standards, either. Steel, from San Francisco, always manages to insert some beef into his incredible pieces. New York’s Steel doesn’t specialize in food, but he’s one of the top writers in the world right now, so when his attention is focused on burgers, the end result is stunning.

Look closely as you round corners and you might find odes to hot dogs and sodas emblazoned over the sides of buildings or open stretches of walls.

Graffiti responds to its environment. And today, there is no excuse for not being aware of the grub fueling those walking city streets.

Click through the above gallery to check out some food-inspired graffiti from around the world.