It takes some skills in the world of comedic cooking videos to pull off a ludicrous how-to without seeming trite and completely ridiculous. The Canadian comedy troupe Epic Meal Time makes a habit out of tackling over-the-top creations from mega rib sandwiches and poutine, to something called Hulk Turds for Saint Patrick’s Day, and a Christmas Carol feast. One of their latest culinary contributions is titled “Chocolate Breakfast” and includes chocolate covered bacon, chocolate stuffed sausages, chocolate fried eggs, and chocolate French toast. A bit much? Definitely, but the banter is clever, and a special guest appearance from Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food host Adam Richman makes the four minutes worth the watch.

Favorite lines include: “Next level chocolate application,” something about prepping potatoes for a “chocolate chiddy bang bang,” “butter—don’t get it in your mustache, use it for chocolate potatoes instead,” and the “chocolate man milkshake….man.” The total calorie count racks up to a whopping 8,724, which the narrator tells us is enough to take out all “101 dalmatians.”

Watch the video above, and try no to be a bit impressed with some of the cooking skills even if they are cloaked in chocolate, booze, and bad jokes.

[via the Village Voice]