We’ve taken you behind-the-scenes in the food world with looks into the blogs of food photographer and stylist Adam Milliron, as well as breakfast enthusiast Marta. But what happens before all those beautiful feasts get made? Enter food buyer Kate and her Tumblr Lovage Me Tender.

Kate purchases food for a Brooklyn restaurant, as well as big dinners of her own, and she has a penchant for capturing the freshest food available at New York markets and nearby farms. On her Tumblr you’ll find baby goats (yum), fresh greens that go far beyond ramps, and recipes to take those market finds to the next step. Whatever season it is, you can be sure you’re getting the freshest grub around, before it’s cool.

Become a connoisseur of “fresh” by following Kate’s Tumblr and clicking through the gallery above.

All photos courtesy of Lovage Me Tender.