Filmmaker Alison Chernick brings us a video showcasing Mario Batali’s newest Italian restaurant—Chi Spacca—which opened it’s doors to the LA community this past February and is run by Joe Bastianich as well as Nancy Silverton (Mozza). The Twitter-ethering chef‘s newest spot means “cleaver” in Italian, and is all about protein—from offal cuts to house cured salumi. While Batali talks about appreciating liver (which he says is considered a celebratory food in Italy), the camera zooms in on delicate rounds of house cured salumi and rotund meat being being seasoned by hand. There is talk of sustainability and no-part-left-behind cooking while one of the cooks (Chad Colby) breaks down a brilliantly pink rack of pork ribs.

Its hard not to admire the entire piece as a vignette for how simply gorgeous meat can be. If the film was silent, it’d still be a pleasure to watch, and Chernick adds that the only thing missing is “the wild smells.” The whole thing is basically a love story about curing meats. Taking about 300 days for the process to be complete, Batali says that it is more of an “itellectual” process than cooking. He sums it up Chi Spacca as being a place that showcases “the art of the butcher, but [is] a little bit more esoteric.”

Naturally, the credits run underneath of a tapping, orange Croc-clogged foot. Try to keep your face away from the screen for this one.

Click here to watch the meat love story.