Co-written by Tien Nguyen and Natasha Phan, Roy Choi’s memoir-cum cookbook is due on November 5, 2013. Today, the cover has been revealed and made available for pre-order.

The tome, now officially titled L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food, covers Choi’s love affair with his city and its unique street foods. You may recall that his inspirations included black truffles and beef jerky purchased at liquor stores—an impressive breadth of interest—and that he’s not shy when it comes to calling out soft food celebrities (“We got a lot of Will Smiths. I want some Ol’ Dirty shit”). So, in full book form, expect no-holds-bar reflection and sincere, authoritative discussion of Southern California’s culinary history to match Choi’s already outspoken personality.

Choi’s book will be the second from Anthony Bourdain’s imprint with Ecco. This first, Daniel Vaughn’s Prophets of Smoked Meat, is out next month.

[via Eater]