Just when you thought you knew good ‘cue someone comes along and tells you otherwise. Daniel Vaughn—the newly appointed barbecue editor of Texas Monthly Magazine and author of The Prophets of Smoked Meat—is a self-proclaimed “bbq snob.” In an interview for CNN’s eatocracy he dispels commonly held misconceptions about what makes barbecue great. While most of his points are fairly obvious which include “fat is evil” and “barbecue sauce is mandatory,” we are always on board for setting food truths free.

Eating barbecue can be a very personal and nostalgic experience, and Vaughn is touch on some of the unfounded rules that needlessly dictate classification for the cuisine. Check out the whole list for yourself, and be sure to note the great quote from Hugh Acheson which reads, “That’s like roasting a perfect chicken and serving it with a melted jelly bean sauce.”

[Via eatocracy]