There literally may not be anything better in the entire world than an amazing sandwich. The value of a perfect handheld that hits flavor notes from salty to sweet, zinging back and forth across your palate can make an entire day worthwhile—a great sandwich is an indisputable game changer as worthy of praise as any high-brow culinary creation. Lucky for us, New York City is chalk-full of worthwhile places to grab a meal hugged between slices of bread. From biscuits loaded with buttermilk fried chicken, red cabbage, and white gravy to dry-cured Black Angus brisket on rye with mustard, Complex City Guide has all your sandwich wants (and internet food salivating) covered.

And what could be better than a gallery of over stuffed sandwiches covered with condiments and sauces? Gifs of people making sandwiches covered with condiments and sauces! This is food porn on a whole new level.

[Via Complex City Guide]