Though getting to many parts of Queens from Midtown is quicker than going to the West Village or Lower East Side, convincing non-Queens dwellers to venture to New York’s biggest borough often requires ridiculous negotiation skills. If there’s one surefire way of seducing them into crossing the East River (or taking a sluggish G train up from Brooklyn), however, it’s food.

You won’t find a more robust concentration of cultures in the city, which translates into an abundance of authentic—and often reasonably priced—immigrant grub waiting to be explored. But these days, Queens’ charm goes beyond homespun global cooking, too. As more hipsters discover the joys of, say, living off the 7 train, stylish modern American joints are fast becoming part of the borough’s culinary landscape.

In reality, it’s impossible to call yourself a New York gourmand if your only experience with the borough is a couple dim-sum outings in Flushing. Time to broaden your horizons—here are 10 essential Queens eating experiences.

Written by Alia Akkam (@theqnote)