Swallow is one of the most notable examples of the new-breed of food magazines that’s making waves these days. It just nabbed a nomination from the Society of Publication Designers for magazine of the year, and its first three issues have included an impressive mix of photography, reporting, and offbeat stories that support its claim to be the “anti-foodie food magazine.”

Since the magazine launched, the website has been little more than a single, static page. But now the team has launched a fuller site to showcase its work—this is one you’ll want to bookmark.

Each issue is shaped around a different under-the-radar destination, and now you can find photo essays rounding up an assortment of supermarket items found in the Trans-Siberian region, and articles that touch upon the role of mushrooms in Scandanavian food culture. From the most recent issue, there’s a feature on Babyface, a former wrestler who now runs a food stall in Mexico City in an especially rough neighborhood.

[via Swallow Magazine[