Vik Says is where we let our mascot, Vik, vents his feelings each week: 10 things he’s loving, and 10 things he wishes would just go away. Check out the best and worst of the week below.


1. Bars that care about our sober friends.
2. SNL skits about food.
3. Late-night bar menus.
4. Mail-order American foods.
5. Hot sandwiches.
6. Eating with your hands.
7. More great craft beers going into cans.
8. Flaming Hot Cheetos.
9. Brown, bitter, and stirred cocktails.
10. Spicy slaw.


1. Vaporized cocktails.
2. Dogs that eat better food than we do.
3. People who smack their lips when they chew.
4. “Normal” levels of coffee consumption.
5. Forgetting to close your tab at the bar.
6. Yogurt for bros.
7. Celebrity chef cruises.
8. Straws that are cracked in half.
9. When something is missing in your delivery order and you’re too hungry and tired to complain.
10. Mushy pickles.