We’ve heard from the pros before about what it takes to become a chef—despite the rock-star connotations that come with kitchen celebrity these days, it’s a hard path that requires grueling hours and plenty of tenacity.

For another view of the reality of making a living in a professional kitchen, the blog Wake Up and Smell the Cake published a list called “50 things they never told you about becoming a chef.” Mostly, it revolves on the least glamorous aspects of the job:

  • You’ll almost always have open wounds on your hands and arms.
  • Your back will get destroyed.
  • You will not be allowed to call in sick for a hangover.
  • You will have to work many years in menial positions before attaining any level of authority in the workplace.
  • None of your friends or family will understand what is involved in your work and you will never be able to make them understand.

Sounds like a blast! However, don’t discount the final item on the list: “If you are the right type of person, you will thank your lucky star every single day for the rest of your life for making you take the best decision you ever did and become a chef. And you will fall in love with your job and never look back.”

[via Wake Up and Smell the Cake]