We’ve previously discussed Mario Batali’s mastery of the Twitter machine, looking at both his impressive level of activity for a guy with more than 20 restaurants, a show on ABC, a weekly column in the New York Times, as well as his ability to drop invaluable nuggets of cooking wisdom in less than 140 characters.

But where Batali really thrives as an Internet personality is in his willingness to engage with those who think he is a nothing but a Croc-wearing, Vespa-riding target. While responding to haters can be a bad look for some celebrities (see: Chris Brown), Batali is too smart to get sucked into petty squabbles. Instead, his retribution is always swift and appropriate to the situation—a gentle tap on the wrist to misguided souls, and a definitive smack upside the head to trolls who just need to be ethered. This public brushing off of the shoulders makes Batali come off like a real human, and reveals that he’s actually a pretty hilarious dude—especially when he jokingly responds to people who mistake him for the Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli.

If you ever need to douse out the flames of Internet hatred, take some cues from MB. The man is a master of the art.

Click through the gallery above to see the best hater smackdowns from @MarioBatali.