Remember when you were a kid and you used to bust out tubes of frosting to make cookies for various holidays? Well, fortunately you didn’t see the work of Japanese artist Risa Hirai, or you would have realized that your parents were lying to your face when they said that your cookies were “the best.”

Hirai uses cookies as her cavas, creating immaculate treats that look like bonsai trees, strips of beef, and chopsticks. Currently, her first cookie-art exhibition is on display at Gallery Tokyo Humanite.

She tells NPR’s The Salt, “I had painted in oils until then, but I became so into making cookies and began to think that this could be a form of expression as art.”

And she clearly doesn’t expect that they should never be eaten—she uses classic ingredients, and sometimes brightens up the vanilla base with cocoa, green tea, or cinnamon.

[via The Salt]