While catching up on all the latest bro news over at Bro Bible, we came across this video from a Hooters in Chengdu, China. It seems pretty similar to the ones here, except that they sing a song we’ve never heard, and the menu has these deep-fried oysters.

This isn’t the breastaurant chains first foray into China. Here’s a local news segment about the opening of Hooters Beijing from 2008. The reporter says, “I think this is one of the signs that American culture is spreading to China.” You can say that again!

The real question is this: Are the rules for not being creepy at Hooters the same or different in China? How to cultural norms affect the behaviors of the breastaurant creeper?

If some college senior isn’t writing a thesis about this topic right now, we might as well give up on academia all together.

[via Bro Bible]