On the court, they are beasts, jamming over defenders and…jamming on them some more. But at home, they’re just like you and me, enjoying some home-cooked spaghetti with shrimp and wearing incredibly dope t-shirts (or, in the case of Blake Griffin, really corny ones).

Russ Bengston, Slam magazine EiC emeritus and current Complex sneaker editor, informed us of this Instagram of the L.A. Clippers teammates, adding the simple declaration, “It is the best basketball photo on the Internet.”

We won’t disagree. But we would warn you not to take its excellence as any indication that the rest of his feed is some sort of food-and-basketball wonderland. Because then you will see small children playing water pong, instant ramen, and photos of Matt Barnes with his shirt off. And then you will be confused.

[via Instagram/@matt_barnes9]