Whatever you think about the coffee (for the record, I think it’s the best chain coffee), one thing I’ve always liked about Dunkin’ Donuts is that they hire awesome people. The one near my college in Boston was full of unbelievably nice Portuguese people who I could chat with in a way I’ve never been able to with chain staff. In NYC, near my old office on the westside, it was the same deal, and I’ve never had a problem with DD on the customer service end all around the Northeast. There must be something to their hiring practices.

Anyway, to back up that point, here is some amazing surveillance footage of a Dunkin’ Donuts staffer warding off an attempted robbery at the drive-thru window by throwing hot coffee at the perp. She says that when he finally backed off she yelled, “Go run on Dunkin’.”

So powerful. Her calmness about the whole situation, especially the way she just casually strolls away at the end, is inspirational.

[via Eater]