One of the joys of hitting up Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar—aside from the famous cup of whipped cream and the chance to peep an awesome display of Fender guitars—is the possibility that you might run into Guy himself. From time to time he’s there posted up in the front of the restaurant, shooting the breeze with fans and regaling children with tales of culinary adventure.

If you do get lucky and catch the Frosty Tipped One in the flesh, there will be someone there to automatically capture the moment on camera, sort of like when you ride a roller coaster at Six Flags. Then you will be immortalized in a gallery on the restaurants website called “You & Guy.” It’s a big win.

To give you a sense of how these awesome times really go down, we dug up some audio—and used our powers of, um, telepathy—to show you what Guy and his new friends were saying and thinking when they met. Enjoy.

Click through the gallery above for all the overheard exchanges from Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.

All photos via Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar