For illustrator Monica Ramos, food art is about more than just what’s on our plates. Her illustrations and wood carvings get at her version of reality—full of the nostalgic, the wistful, and the brutally honest. Her food pieces, including her series Comfort Foods, touch on our fantasies about what we eat and our relationships with it. She wants you to jump right with reckless abandon—from being swathed in cheese sauce in a dish of mac and cheese, to being enveloped in a Cheerio’s milk bath. And all of these dreamy visions are interspersed with upbeat statements on our mortality, like “our bodies are golden.”

Now to decide whether to get a “PORK BUNZ” tattoo on our hands…

Jump right into Ramos’ visual food musings in the gallery above, and visit her blog and website.

All photos courtesy of Monica Ramos.