Charlie Rose steps into the kitchen of Momofuku Ssam to watch David Chang whip up some Korean fried chicken. Prepped an entire day in advance, the poultry is dipped into a batter containing vodka and beer (for its fast evaporating qualities), before it’s dropped into hot oil and twice fried. Talk of varying cooking times leads to a conversation about meaty preferences, where Chang reveals that he prefers dark meat and Charlie Rose white. Chang asks, “Charlie, how can we be friends now?” The two decide to make up and then sit down to eat.

During the interview Rose covers topics from staying true to the original, winning awards, and Chang’s rise to the top. When asked by Rose “How do you make sure that you don’t lose what brought you here?” Chang responds with a quip about needing to lose sometimes to move forward and his thoughts on cooking “getting back to basics.”

Watch the entire video above and hear Chang tell Rose why everyone loves them some fried bird, discuss his awards, and hear Charlie Rose say, “David Chang, I love your fried chicken and I love you.”

[via CBS]