Here’s a product to rival the completely irrelevant kitchen tools found in the Sky Mall catalog: The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. As the video above shows, it is really big and complicated looking, but it turns out a sandwich that has that weird egg patty you only get at fast-food restaurants. Apparently, a nice fried egg cooked in a skillet would be way too amateur.

TheĀ New York Post gave the thing a review, but a few sentences in, it’s hard to believe that the puff piece is not just a paid advertorial in disguise. “ItĀ turns out that the McMuffin of your dreams is a little more than five minutes away,” the author gushes, unconvincingly.

He goes on to say, “the sandwich had a solid structural integrity that is hard to achieve when you make a breakfast sandwich using pans and toasters.” He also claims best part is the reveal moment when the finished sandwich comes out of the contraption: “It got oohs and ahhs from every single hardened Post journalist who saw it done.”

Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that!

P.S. The thing costs $29.99. Loss of self-respect: Priceless.

[via NY Post]