We’re used to people buying ridiculous rock-star memorabilia like a sweaty rag that David Lee Roth wiped his face with, or a vial that allegedly holds Elvis’ last breath. But in today’s food mad world, there’s also leftover relics from famous restaurants to snatch up, including Ferran Adrià’s elBulli.

The restaurant shuttered in the summer of 2011, and now Eater reports that Sotheby’s is auctioning off not only wines from the elBulli Wine Cellar, but also a wide range of items such as signature bowls, steak knives, and signed chefs jackets. Which lucky kid is going to get a dinner with Ferran for his bar mitzvah?

Check out the list of items from the auction lot below—proceeds will support the efforts of the elBulli Foundation.

Dinner with Ferran Adrià at Tickets restaurant in Barcelona, opening bid: $5,000/HK$40,000
A set of elBulli knives, opening bid: $1,000/HK$8,000
Chefs jackets signed by Ferran Adrià, opening bid: $1,000/HK$8,000
elBulli Chocolate Boxes, opening bid: US$1,000/HK$8,000 each
elBulli Mesh trays, opening bid: US$150/HK$1,000 per set
A selection of Petit Fours Crockery especially designed for elBulli, opening bid: US$50/HK$500 each
A selection of elBulli Baroque metal trays, opening bid: US$150/HK$1,000 each
elBulli cutlery, opening bid: S$2,000/HK$16,000
A selection of elBulli glass serving dishes, opening bid: US$1,000/HK$8,000
An elBulli Dish and cover, opening bid: US$150/HK$1,000
A selection of signed elBulli menus and wine lists, opening bid: US$250/HK$2,000 each
A signed elBulli siphon and box, opening bid: US$50/HK$500
A range of 5 elBulli books in both English and Spanish that contain photographs of cocktails, snacks, tapas, dishes, pre-desserts, and desserts to chart the evolution of elBulli, opening bid: US$500/HK$4,000.
elBulli Corrugated Trays, opening bid: US$250/HK$2,000 per item
elBulli Crockery for Spherical Olives, opening bid: US $150/HK$1,000 per item

[via Eater]