Here at First We Feast headquarters, we’re pretty open about our obsession with beer. But while love for silky pints and a deep appreciation for hops and malts is one thing, tattooing a keg tap coming out of your belly button is altogether different. Unlike the awesome food and chef tattoos we’ve profiled, inked tributes to beer fall short of glorifying passion. There are far too many misguided tributes on big bellies and hairy backs, with bro-y dudes and old men alike sporting PBRs and faux “six packs” illustrated in cans. While clever in theory (at least the first time), the effect is generally a laugh at not with moment.

Beer is awesome. These tattoos aren’t. If you’re considering permanently keeping a super hip can of cheap beer on you at all times—i.e. tattooed somewhere on your frame—maybe reconsider. Or at the very least, allow these awesomely bad beer tattoos to guide your direction.

Click through the gallery above to see the best of the worst beer-related tattoos.