Recently, this GIF of the “cupcake dog“—in which a poor pup is paralyzed with indecision when offered a platter of cupcakes—has been our go-to response to most things life throws our way. We can relate to what he’s going through: Anything that seems good and easy is probably a trick. This dog knows that as well as anyone. He knows there’s no such thing as a free cupcake binge without repercussions, and that humans don’t just do nice things without any agenda.

What’s funny is that dogs have less of a problem stealing food when you’re not looking than they do accepting random acts generosity. In fact, they seem to spend the majority of their time hatching schemes to sneak-attack your pizza, cake, and Sunday roast.

Click through the gallery above to see 20 dogs caught red-handed (er, pawed) in the midst of a human food robbery.