With the meteoric rise of Greek yogurt in the American diet, bros have been feeling a little left out. They want to enjoy its thick, creamy consistency and its wealth of probiotics, but it’s obvious that the stuff is made for women and European-style men, and not swagged out dudes whose GTL game can’t afford to be tarnished by such a feminine foodstuff.

Here to save the day is a new company called Powerful Yogurt, which claims to be “the first yogurt for men” (but not for boys, since we all know that was Go-Gurt).

In addition to having a testerone-injected logo that looks like a yogurt container with bull’s horns, it’s also jacked up with extra protein to help you get your ab game tight. And lest you should think that all of this hasn’t been thought through, there is an explanation on the website of the ancient ties between Greek things and great abs: “From the time of the Greeks, abs have represented dedication, strength, power, and success.” Boom.

The product is currently available in six flavors, including blueberry-acai (the latter being the most bro’d-out of super-fruits from Brazil) and apple-cinnamon.

Grubstreet has already dubbed the genre “brogurt,” and we’re guessing it’ll be a hit with guys who need to repent for crushing too many man cupcakes.

[via Grubstreet]