If you’re looking for travel tips and international food recommendations, sometimes the best person to ask is a DJ. We’ve learned that from our own columnist Dieselboy, who uses the travel demands of his vocation to his advantage, seeking out the best grub everywhere he touches down.

Now, DJ A-Trak—former tour DJ for Kanye West, owner of Fool’s Gold Records, overall boss—has launched a new site called Infinite Legroom, which hopes to pass along the wisdom of the DJ community. (Full disclosure: The website has joined the same Complex Media Network that First We Feast is a part of.) In an editor’s letter to kick things off, A-Trak reflects on his early missteps as a young globe-trotter, and explains the inspiration for the site:

When no label was releasing all the music I wanted to hear under one roof, my friends and I founded Fool’s Gold. Isn’t it time we addressed another common interest: that of our migrant lifestyle? After years of learning the hard way, I can finally share my Tao of travel.

Before snooping around the rest of the site, you’ll definitely want to check out the Frequent Flyer Miles Bible, which offers some essential tips for making the airline game work to your advantage. You can also find some food and booze coverage, including Houston restaurant picks from Bun B just in time for All-Star Weekend (Pappadeaux!).

If you like music, food, and where the two intersect, you’ll want to bookmark the site, and follow the adventures of the crew on Twitter @infinitelegroom.

[via Infinite Legroom]