You thought your yuppie cred was untouchable when you started wearing Polo cashmere sweaters on Sundays and buying organic granola on the reg. But then you found out that while your French bulldog has been munching on regular-ol’ Pedigree, your boy’s Shiba-Inu eats only locally-sourced Arrf Scarf treats and doggy ice cream, and it was then that you realized you’re just a lowly herb after all.

Founded in Chicago, Aarf Scarf makes treats that are not only next-level in the dog world, but also inĀ your world. While restaurants around the country are throwing candied bacon on top of sundaes, Aarf Scarf actually makes meat-flavored ice creams in flavors like peanut butter bacon, chicken cheddar, and beef brisket.

We thought dairy was supposed to be bad for dogs, but apparently Greek yogurt is all good. So now you can have your bro-gurt while your pup snacks on some Aarf Scarf, and everything will be all gravy. Congrats, you’ve finally arrived in yuppie Shangri-La.

[via Cool Hunting]