In the midst of huge growth in all types of food media, Elaine Corn opines in The Sacramento Bee that we have officially developed what she calls Cooking Deficit Disorder—a condition wherein we cook less even as our awareness of food expands with TV shows, cookbooks, and online media outlets. One cause for this phenomenon is the advances we’ve made in packaged goods (pre-cooked foods, no-fuss baking mixes, etc.) that trick us into believing that we are cooking.  

Corn has found that the disorder “is damaging our personal budgets, taking our control of nutrition out of our hands and making us rely on others for every bite we take.” It’s probably making us fat, as convenience foods often contribute to greater exposure to”excess calories, sugar, fat and salt,” according to Dr. Francine Kaufman. Perhaps most alarming is the idea that we’re raising the next generation to follow in our suit. 

[via The Sacramento Bee]