Los Angeles Times‘ restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has a weekly series of food-related quizzes that come up every week, and the latest gets at something we hold dear: the intersection of food and hip hop, or as the Pulitzer Prize winner explains, “food and hip-hop; hip-hop and food: two dissimilar things as intrinsically linked as a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.”

While we’re less inclined to believe that the two are dissimilar, it was nevertheless fun to take a trip down memory lane and remember some of rap’s finest food moments. Highlights from the quiz include lyrics from Snoop, Drake, and Big Daddy Kane. 

Before diving into food media, Gold covered music until about 1996. As he writes to the men behind Food is the New Rock before chatting on the inaugural episode of the podcast, “My knowledge of pop pretty much slammed shut in late ‘96, around the time of the death of Tupac.” At that point, “when all roads led to Britney Spears, Metallica became a boogie band and hip-hop violence stopped being a cartoon, it was time for [him] to exit, stage left.” As he points out, you’d switch your beat too if Suge Knight gave you the stinkeye.

Take the quiz.

[via Los Angeles Times]