While the ascendance of food as a pop-culture obsession get a lot of play today, let’s remember that it is food—it’s always been at the center of our lives, and as such, an ideal target for the writers of Saturday Night Live.

Indeed, once you start trolling through the archives, it’s amazing how many sketches have been dominated by food over the years. From Dan Aykroyd’s Julia Child to Kristen Wiig’s Paula Deen, the SNL cast has lampooned everything from celebrity chefs, to Greek diners that never have exactly what you want (John Belushi and Bill Murray’s legendary homage to Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern), to overly sexual school lunch ladies (played by a cross-dressing Chris Farley).

Of course, there’s the show’s time-honored tradition of fake commercials, plenty of which have taken aim at food products like crappy frozen pizza (see: “Almost Pizza”) and yogurt that keeps you (too) regular.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Click through the slide show to watch 25 of the most hilarious food-themed clips from Saturday Night Live history.

Compiled by Sarah Lawson (@Sklawson)