Think fast: What would be the least funny idea possible for a sketch-comedy bit on Padma Lakshmi, starring Padma Lakshmi? Got it? You might have arrived at the same point that led to Funny or Die’s kinda creepy vid of her shilling a fake line of scar-inspired clothing. When the Top Chef co-host says she’ll cut someone with pleasure, she has this intense glint in her eyes that tells us she has either been underestimated as an actress, or she is speaking from a real place.

We didn’t laugh at any point. Here’s why: Scars are not something that someone should be ashamed about. Clearly, someone in the crew thinks that the rest of us see scars (Padma’s or anyone else’s) in that light. We don’t and we can’t see why someone would. We can name a half dozen other reasons why the stilted approach falls flat, but it’s unnecessary when the fundamentals are already off. 

Just to shake that off, watch Between Two Ferns with Zach Galafianakis, which is actually hilarious.

[via Funny or Die]