If all goes according to plan for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the city will soon see a large-scale overhaul of its eating habits. On Grist, Lori Rotenberk contextualizes the mayor’s multipronged approach to addressing high obesity rates. The $5.8 million plan dubbed “A Recipe for Health Places” will “make fresh food affordable and available within a mile of every resident’s home.”

Emmanuel’s plan revolves around six main goals, according to Chicago’s sustainable development coordinator Bradley Roback. The plan is to “build healthier neighborhoods, grow more food, expand healthy food enterprises, strengthen the food ‘safety net'” as well as “serve healthy food and beverages, and improve the overall eating habits of Windy City residents.” 

Rotenberk warns that the mayor won’t have an easy job of trying to transform the habits of 2.8 million inhabitants (among whom 400,000 reside in food deserts) in a city where deep-dish pizza has become an icon. 

[via Grist]