It’s not just you going through the motions on arguably the most commercial of holidays—add chefs and restaurateurs to the camp of those not looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. For chefs like Michel Roux Sr. of three Michelin star Waterside Inn, it’s obvious that many diners would rather be somewhere else. As he tells the Wall Street Journal, the holiday dedicated to romance is “most boring day of the year for a chef.”

And it’s not like it makes sounds business sense either. To guard against the potential revenue loss of serving a restaurant full of two-seaters, a restaurateur has to rely on strategies that he or she might not on use on other days. Chef-owner of London’s Le Café Anglais is quoted as saying, “Although you can be quite busy, you have to be ruthless and charge extra because it is very difficult to make money if all you have are tables for two.”

[via The Wall Street Journal]