Weezy F. Baby may be a small man in stature, but he’s a giant on the mic. His raps capitalize on wordplay, often hinging on mile-a-minute double entendre and clever metaphors that artfully toe the genius-maniac line. And amongst his braggadocio-fueled boasts and threats, he talks a good game about eating, though if his lyrics dictated actual dining habits, the man would subsist on nothing but human flesh, rappers, cash, and female genitalia.

Calling Wayne a foodie would be quite a stretch, which is why he doesn’t hold a place in the food-rap pantheon. but his lines are ripe with weird and wonderful food references linked to things that are not literally edible. We sifted through his oeuvre to find some of the best oddballl food quotes, looking at all the weird shit that Wayne claims he’ll eat. Beats, tracks, rappers, and ladies definitely win out, and if that constitutes “smoking good and eating good,” we’ll take your word for it, Weezy.

Click through the slide show to discover Lil Wayne’s 9 favorite things to eat, according to his lyrics.